Watercolor with Sue Wachter

Sue has been teaching watercolor class for over 15 years. Her art development began in her 50's. While she has taken art classes she finds most of what she has learned has been with grouping with other learners. She is a sabbatical member of SW Washington Artrails. Here genres include silk dying, acrylics and felting. Most recently she was selected to be a participant of the 2019-20 TAT Lab Cohort (Washington Teach Artist Training). Sue's classes focus on learning techniques through a combination of basic art instruction, discovery and celebrating where you are currently as an artist.  Sue says, “When I support a student's project, I see potential. Often I see that potential before the student does. It is my job to assist my artists in setting themselves up for success so they will embrace the artist they  are in the moment and encourage a lifetime of creative growth as they develop their individual style.

All comfort levels welcome. Attend expecting to be encouraged and encourage others.

Classes Ongoing:

$15.00 for one class

Thursdays: 1:00-3:00pm


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