David Hartz


~ Store Owner ~


 In 2005, David and Beverly Hartz moved from southern California to southwest Washington as Beverly accepted the job of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educator) Supervisor at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Washington. They met former owners Ted and Darlene Held at church and when they discovered the bookstore was for sale, they realized it was a dream come true for Beverly, the family bibliophile. After they purchased the store, they learned that running their beloved Book 'N' Brush was a great way to keep David out of trouble while while providing a wonderful opportunity for them to work together.

Beverly grew up in Kansas and graduated from Arizona State University, eventually migrating to southern California where she sold real estate. Upon graduation from Talbolt Theological Seminary in La Miranda, California with a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling, she became a hospital chaplain and shortly afterwards entered the seven-year process of becoming a CPE Supervisor.

David grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Menlo College in northern California. He worked in the financial investment industry for a number of years and, after taking a mission trip to Yugoslavia in the late 80s, made a career change by working with non-profit organizations as a development fund-raiser.

David and Beverly met while working at The Jesus Film Project in San Clemente, California, and were married in 1997. As a blended family, David and Beverly have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. In addition to running to their own store, Beverly continues to split her time between Book 'N' Brush and position as CPE Supervisor for various institutions and David is currently Chair of the Chehalis Community Renaissance Team (CCRT) - tasked with the revitalization of our historic downtown.