Lincoln's Angel: The Rebecca Pomroy Story (Paperback)

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A novel of triumph over tragedy

Part III of the Abraham Lincoln Lost Stories Series.

The Boston Globe April 17, 1904: She was frequently the staff upon which he President Lincoln] leaned during days and weeks of sorrow and uncertainty. Abraham Lincoln said: Mrs. Pomroy, when you are an old woman, please tell your grandchildren how greatly indebted the nation is to you for holding up my hands in time of trouble.

Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles wrote her saying: The many trials of the president were better known to you than to his countrymen.

Discover the awe-inspiring story of Rebecca Pomroy, a Civil War army nurse who changes the course of a nation. She overcomes thirty years of unrelenting affliction and grief to bring hope and healing to countless soldiers as a Civil War army nurse. But when she encounters the weight of anguish carried by President and Mrs. Lincoln, Rebecca's true calling is revealed. She must rescue them from despair and self-doubt or risk the collapse of the government. With unwavering determination and boundless compassion, she shepherds the president's family through the shadows of death and the hollows of debilitating grief, even as she attends to scores of dying patients in her hospital ward. Celebrate the power of the human spirit to overcome even the darkest of tragedies.

Inspired by Rebecca Pomroy's daily journal, letters, and recollections. Based on real lives, real places, and actual events.

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