The Marigold Mind Laundry: A Novel (Hardcover)

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In this enchanting tale, the enigmatic owner of a magical laundromat that cleans the stains from people’s hearts must learn to find her own sense of peace before she can truly help others—a blockbuster bestseller in Korea

We remove stains from the heart and mind, and erase your painful memories. Welcome to the Marigold Mind Laundry.

Born with mysterious powers, young Jieun is suddenly separated from her beloved parents when she accidentally causes her family to vanish. She vows to keep living over a million lives in search of them. What she doesn’t realize is that she will never find the solace she seeks until she learns that her powers depend on her willingness to help others.

Finally, one night, in the village of Marigold, flanked by the city and the sea, she brings the Marigold Mind Laundry into existence. Its service: to remove the darkest stain from anyone’s heart. Jieun listens while customers share their unhappy memories with her, transferring them onto a T-shirt as stains. After a spin in the washing machine, the stains become red petals that soar in the air and Jieun’s customer finds peace.

Five wounded souls come to Jieun for help: a frustrated young filmmaker; a spiraling social media influencer; a mother who has discovered her husband’s other family; a young woman two-timed by her lover; a talented photographer and victim of bullying, who escapes into a mundane job. As Jieun helps each of them, she learns that the will to heal is not a rare and extraordinary gift, but a power we all possess--if only we are open to it.

Marigold Mind Laundry has already cleansed the hearts and souls of hundreds of thousands of readers. Joyous and inspiring, it offers an opportunity to laugh, wonder and grow, as it teaches us to tap into the magic that lives within all of us.

About the Author

Jungeun Yun is the author of more than ten books, including Live the Way You Want; Even If I Don't Know How to Be an Adult and To Travel or To Love. Yun believes that writing is self-reflection, a close examination of emotions; to write is to connect. Yun hosts a podcast The Path of Books with Jungeun Yun. She lives in Korea.
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ISBN: 9780593733936
ISBN-10: 0593733932
Publisher: The Dial Press
Publication Date: November 26th, 2024
Pages: 272
Language: English