Art Department

Our Art Department provides our community with access to high-end supplies and books and offers classes by local artists.

M. Graham supplies all of our artist-quality paints including: watercolors (made with honey), gouaches, oils (made with walnut oil) and acrylics. They craft their colors in batches no bigger than a few hundred tubes, maintaining a "commitment to the creation of extraordinary color." We have an excellent sampling of their available products and are happy to order specific colors should we not have what you need in stock.


Connoisseur manufactures most of our art brushes. Each brush is designed to maintain its integrity despite exposure to solvents, pigments, water, air and even the simple but repetetive pulling of the bristles against supports. Connoisseur maintains that their brushes are an investment and as an investment they shoud last; their brushes carry a lifetime warranty.


If you are looking for drawing supplies, Book 'N' Brush is the place to start. We carry a vast array of pens, pencils (both wood and woodless), charcoal, conte crayons and pastels, as well as tools and fixatives


Book 'N' Brush carries a variety of supports, from canvases to sketch pads to paper of different weights and presses. We offer varied sizes of tablets and pads as well as individual sheets. We proudly offer products from Strathmore and Bee Paper Company, along with canvases from C2F.


In addition to painting and drawing supplies, we also carry products for calligraphers and "Zentangle" enthusiasts; children's art supplies; assorted easels, bookbinding supplies; encaustics; block printing supplies; origami books and papers; and airbrush inks (airbrushes are special ordered due to variety available).


Is there an item you want but cannot find? We place orders with suppliers C2F and SLS Arts on a regular basis; call, email or drop off your wish list and we would be more than happy to order for you. your order can even be shipped directly to you (S&H fes will vary depending on size and weight of order).